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E-M:/ Feral Visions Slideshow Tour, Oct. 25th, Detroit

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

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Feral Visions:
A Slideshow About Breaking Free from Civilization and
Realizing our Wildest Dreams

Monday, October 25
7 P.M.
Trumbullplex Theatre, 4210 Trumbull, Detroit MI

The Wildroots Collective is travelling around the
Midwest to give their slideshow presentation exploring
ways people are living in opposition to civilization
through rewilding and radical homesteading. The
Collective lives on 30 acre homestead in rural North
Carolina where they practice, develop and share skills
for rewilding and reconnection with the earth and each

These folks live off the grid, carry their water, and
practice "earthskills", or earth-based lifeways. Their
interests include permaculture, gardening by the moon,
natural and primitive shelter building, hide tanning,
herbal medicine, nature crafts, and wild food
foraging. These skills are rapidly falling into disuse
in our throwaway culture, but they see them as crucial
to our future survival, and they intend to help keep
them alive. Some of these skills are as old as the
human species itself. The surest way to protect earth
based lifeways, or "earthskills", is to practice them,
and pass them along as we move through this alienated
modern life.

Rewilding * Radical Homesteading * Anarchy *
Primitivism * Domestication * Symbolic Culture *
Uncivilized Survival * Wild Foods * Emotional Recovery
from Civilization * Ecofeminism * Feral Nutrition *
Roadkill Scavenging * BioRegionalism * Cooperative
Living * Direct Action

For more information email snakeman1549@yahoo.com or
check out the wildroots collective website at

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