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E-M:/ I need your help to protect Michigan's Past.

I am reaching out to the Environmental Community for support and letters to try to stop the demolition of a historic stucture in Macomb County. What I am asking for are letters or emails to the Board Chairperson as well as the Macomb Daily to due a study for the adaptive reuse of a historic building and present options to the Macomb County Board of Directors. I will work with local historical commissioners, the state historic preservation office and the Michigan Historic Preservationist Network and any Land Use or Environmental Organization to offer another alternative to the Macomb County Board.
I have added the article about this issue below as well as the Macomb Daily address and Nancy White Board Chaiperson's contact address.
Please help me in my attempt to prevent another unfortunate mistake by a government unit.
Rick Kuss
Preservation Michigan
OK folks it is now time to take this fight into our hands and voice our opinions. Send letters to Nancy White Board Chairperson of the Board of Commissioners in Macomb County, and the Macomb Daily. We should support Keith Brown of the local historic commission and put together a plan. WE NEED ACTION HERE. LETS GET OUT THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rick Kuss
Preservation Michigan

The Macomb Daily

    (586) 469-4510
    100 Macomb Daily Drive
    Mount Clemens, MI 48043
Commissioner White may be contacted by:
Phone: Fax:
(586)469-5711 County (586)493-0604
(586)286-1396 Home
Macomb County Board of Commissioners
One S. Main Street
9th Floor Administration Building
Mt.Clemens, MI 48043

37337 Tall Oak
Clinton Township, MI 48036