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E-M:/ More on former Michigan Gov To Lead Industry Group

Title: More on former Michigan Gov To Lead Industry Group

Washington Times

October 25, 2004


Engler to lead industry group
By Marguerite Higgins

Former Michigan Gov. John M. Engler is the newest president of the 13,000-member National Association of Manufacturers.

Mr. Engler, 56, joined the nation's largest industry trade group at the beginning of this month, taking the reins from Jerry Jasinowski, who served as president for 15 years.    

"Manufacturing is still the backbone of America's good economy. I don't envision a time when our country is not a leader in that sector," Mr. Engler said.


"We have a keen interest in bringing about a resolution with the asbestos" lawsuits, he said.

He insists that lower taxes on businesses and reasonable, scientifically based regulations will help revive the manufacturing sector, which was hit hard after the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001 and the recession.