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E-M:/ Less Than One Month Left To Comment In Support of Roadless Area Protection

To:       All Activists

From:   American Lands Alliance

Date:    October 27, 2004


Less Than One Month Left To Comment In Support of Roadless Area Protection


Thank You to all who have already responded and asked for strong roadless area protections! Due to all of your hard work and pressure, the Bush administration has extended the roadless comment period to November 15, 2004.  Also, because of all your hard work we reached the ambitious goal of generating one million comments in opposition to the Bush administration rolling back roadless area protection to date. 


We can still do more!!  Since the comment period is still open we need to keep our comments flooding in to send a clear and powerful message that we will not tolerate the Bush administration giving our National Forests away to the timber, mining and oil industries. 


No matter what happens next week.... - A Strong message of protection for Roadless Areas will be Powerful in the months to come.


Lets keep writing to send this message!!! 


Please place another announcement in your newsletter to your members or send out another alert to your networks to help generate more comments. 


Please go to the American Lands Roadless Comment Drive Organizing Action Tool-Kit to view sample comment letters, sample letters to the editor, a sample editorial board memo, an analysis of the new Bush roadless rule, and a link to the new rule.  We need to keep the pressure on the administration by generating more comments and media attention on the new Roadless Rule.


If your organization has not written comments yet, please do so.  You can find sample comments at: http://www.americanlands.org/documents/1094154223_wildlawcomms.doc.


If your organization would like to sign on to Excellent comments prepared by Wildlaw, please email Katie Regan at American Lands, kregan@americanlands.org, to sign on.  Please send your name, title, organization name, address, city, state, and zip code.  Wildlaw's comments can be viewed at: http://www.americanlands.org/documents/1094154223_wildlawcomms.doc


For an easy "citizen" letter you can edit and send from online please go to www.ourforests.org


For more information contact Lois Norrgard at   lnorrgard@americanlands.org  952-881-7282