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Re: E-M:/ Kelly and Thomas for Michigan Supreme Court

Title: Re: E-M:/ Kelly and Thomas for Michigan Supreme Court
Agreed. I forgot to add that Marilyn Kelly spoke at the Michigan Democratic Party Environmental Caucus this past August at the state convention and reiterated her commitment to the environment in general and to upholding our Michigan environmental laws. She is a real hero.

And the Lansing State Journal endorsed both Thomas and Kelly, although not mentioning the environment:

Our opinion: Court needs philosophical shift
Current panel's bent toward literalism, needs dose of common sense


Enviro-Mich message from "Alexander J. Sagady" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 07:32 PM 10/27/2004, you wrote:
would anyone on enviro-mich be willing to share some thoughts as to which of the candidates for the state courts (supreme and appeals) have been particularly supportive of environmental issues and which have been particularly non-supportive . . .

For Michigan's environment, the Michigan Supreme Court electoral race is
as important as the presidential race.

I'm urging all of my fellow Michigan environmentalists to vote to
return Supreme Court Judge Marilyn Kelly for another 8 year term
and to promote Wayne County Circuit Judge Deborah Thomas to
the Michigan Supreme Court.

http://www.kellyforjustice.com/    [official site]

http://judgedeborahthomas.org/  [official campaign site]
http://michigancitizen.com/   [scroll down for interview of Judge Thomas]

The recent votes by Engler-era Judge Stephen Markman to trash
Michigan's Environmental Protection Act show just how important
this particular choice is.   As you may recall, this "strict constructionist"
voted to eviscerate legislative intent given to MEPA in 1970 and which
had been supported by numerous court decisions since its enactment.
Markman vote to imposed new, onerous standing requirements on MEPA
litigants which were never intended by the legislature and to trash the
ability to use MEPA to collaterally attack pollution, impairment and destruction
of natural resources outside of the permit system.

Alex Sagady, East Lansing, MI

Alex J. Sagady & Associates        http://www.sagady.com

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Evidence Review and Litigation Investigation on Air, Water and
Waste/Community Environmental and Resource Protection
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