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E-M:/ Michigan home-boy Eminem Get Out the Vote Inspiration

Have you felt all-consumed by politics and elections this week?

Do you feel just how intense all of this is?

Need some more inspiration to get out there for campaigns?

Know that the environment and practically everything else many
care about is at stake in this election?   Its only the Supreme Court
and the rest of the federal judiciary for the next 40 years, 30 years of environmental law,
the Bill of Rights, separation of church and state, sacrifice of the lives of
innocents abroad for oil and domination, perpetual war, etc. etc.

Here's one more voice to listen to.....Michigan home-boy,
bad-boy rapper, Eminem.....who makes a Madonna-like
transformation in favor of civic responsibility and voting
just in time for the election.  .....popular music and
political protest....haven't seen much of that
in times of Dixie Chiks suppression and
Clear Channel destruction of FM radio.    In any event,
expect Eminem's "Mosh" to reach some with a political message
in a unique way,  particularly youth,
in ways that Farenheit 9/11 has reached others.   In
urgent political times like now, it may be one way of
getting "all hands on deck" when needed....like right now...

.....even as we read that the Republican Party is sending
armies in the thousands of voter challengers into
inner city Cleveland and Ohio to surpress voting by black Americans...
....perhaps old habits with white hoods riding in the night die hard.
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The Eminem "Mosh"  video:
An alternate site if that one is busy
also scroll down at   http://www.mtv.com


Be sure to get the polls on Tuesday or hand deliver your absentee vote
before then!!!!!!


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