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E-M:/ St. Clair County election results

One of the very few truly environmentally-minded county drain commissioners in Michigan, Fred Fuller, won a 3rd consecutive term in St. Clair County last night, but just barely being elected over his opponent who was heavily supported by developers, the dredging-for-dollars contractors and engineers, and people who are just generally uninformed about county drains, the Michigan Drain Code, and what the office of drain commissioner entails. As usual, Fred was swimming against a Republican stream, benefiting from popular support in the "Blue Water Area". Only 3 other Democrats were elected to anything at a county level or above. Fred Fuller's re-election is good news for farmers that want good drainage without paying for huge gravy train projects, and those that care about natural stream management, water quality improvement, wetland protection, and proper review of development site plans.
Also, last night, a nice victory went to John Espinoza, the Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 83rd District, covering St. Clair and Sanilac Counties. His Republican opponent was heavily endorsed by Candice Miller, of course.
Candice Miller tries to appear concerned about the environment by touting her little "Heart of the Great Lakes" thing. She confines Michigan's environment to the Great Lakes. While they are important, there is a whole lot more. She proved herself absolutely unconcerned about a natural area of statewide significance in Chesterfield Township, Macomb County, which is now being developed. It was also the site of a Native American burial ground dating back to 1250. Candice Miller's husband was the judge presiding over two MEPA suits to protect the site, one filed by the Macomb County Prosecutor and the other by a group of local citizens. Judge Miller severely limited the scope of the Prosecutor's suit, and promptly tossed out the citizens' suit. Candice Miller reportedly told the president of the citizens' group that there was nothing she could do because her husband was the judge in these cases, as though she cared anyway. By the way, my wife called the chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, Mark Brewer, and he basically said that he thought the Miller's are fine people and refused to provide any help or even direct us to anyone that might be interested in this issue.
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