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E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Council Capitol Update - 11/5/04



SB 953 - provide loans for agriculture energy production

SB 955 -
tax exemption for agriculture energy production (weakened House amendments).

SB 1432 – A bill to regulate the formation of watershed agencies.

SB 1181 – A bill to modify the term of submerged log removal permits.

SB 1329 – A bill to allow the operation of snowmobiles on the right-of-way of limited access highways.

SB 1329 – A bill to allow the operation of snowmobiles on the right-of-way of limited access highways. (10/6)

On the Calendar:

SB 757 - This bill places penalties on landlords that fail to remediate known lead paint hazards in rental units. (Waiting for Senate to concur in House amendments).

SB 925 – A bill to revise regulation of and provide immunity from liability for prescribed burning.

SB 1416
- A bill to provide county level approval for subdivisions and require at board meeting comprised of each department involved.

SB 1458  - A bill to ban certain PBDEs from production and use in Michigan.

SB 735 - A bill to allow posting of tourism directional signs on highways with certain local government approval.

HB 4703
- A bill to require campgrounds and public swimming pools to meet health codes.

HB 5364 - A bill to prohibit reinstatement of driving privileges to owners of abandoned vehicles who fail to pay fines.

HB 5055 – A bill to restrict fees under certain circumstances under the soil erosion and sedimentation control.

HB 6047 – Clarifies certain compliance provisions with the joint planning process.

SR 216 - A resolution to urge the United States Forest Service to review its forest management plan to revise timber practices and address declining timber yields in the country's national forests.

In committee:

Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs will meet on Tuesday (11/9) at 3:00 PM to take up SB 1457 - a bill to regulate sulfide mining in Michigan (testimony only).  Also see House Ag committee.


On the calendar:

HB 5441 – a bill to clarify when "feasible and prudent" alternatives should be considered to a project that will impact wetlands.  An amendment was added in committee regarding when the MDEQ must issue a permit that may jeopardize Michigan's delegation of the Clean Water Act - section 404 program. 

HB 4106
-- Provide for state real estate transfer tax on transfer of certain manufactured homes.

HB 4879 -- Provide for exemption from sales tax on used manufactured homes.

HB 4882 -- Eliminate use tax on manufactured home sales.

HB 5034 -- a bill to access mobile homes as real property (vote taken, insufficient votes, vote reconsidered and passed for the day - 8/4/04)

SB 510 -- a bill to establish stormwater fees.

HB 5312 -- allows hunters to donate an additional $1.00 when purchasing hunting or fishing licensing to support the sportsmen against hunger program

SB 193 -- Provides for a  specialty license plates for ducks unlimited

HB 5942 - a bill to require that diesel fuel sold in Michigan should include 2% biodiesel.

In committee:

Agriculture and Resource Management will meet on Tuesday (11/9) at 10:30 AM to take up HB 6243 - a bill to regulate sulfide mining and reclamation in Michigan.

Land Use and Environment will meet on Wednesday (11/10) at 2:00 PM or after session to take up:

HB 6235 – A bill to expand the use of scrap tire regulatory fund for use as capital expenditure grants.

HB 6295 -  A bill to allow nonjudicial process for extinguishing certain platted utility easements under the land division act.

SB 790 – A bill to establish the recycling advisory council.

SB 854 - A bill to establish the Office of the Statewide Recycling Coordinator in statute.

Energy and Technology will meet on Tuesday (11/9) at 9:00 AM and Wednesday (11/10) at 9:00 AM to take up HB 6314 a bill to allow utilities to use the right-a-way of limited access highways without the permission  of the local unit of government. Thsi bill would reverse a Supreme Court decision which recognized the right of the City Of Lansing to veto a gasoline designed to pass around town following the path of I-96.  

Submitted by:

James Clift
Brad Garmon
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette, Ste 2A
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 487-9539