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E-M:/ Bush takes a big hit on environment

The big disappointment in our West Michigan area is the WL-Pac Chair was a Republican mole that supported the worst anti-environmental record Republican David Farhat to sabotage the hard work of the White Lake and Muskegon Lake Pacs.  Both Muskegon Lake and White Lake Pacs are covered by Farhat that repeated the ugliest dirtiest against our local Nancy Frye the strongest environmentalist with integrity.  The Engler Republicans know they can maintain anti-environmental control in the state as long as they continue slime campaigns financed by big polluter money.  They care nothing of integrity. 
Bush takes a big hit on environment
Robert Sisson is one who is already discontent. He is a Republican and the president of the Michigan chapter of Republicans for Environmental Protection, a national group with 3,000 members.
"I'm a strong West Michigan conservative, a cradle Catholic," Sisson said. "I support Bush on 90 percent of his positions and priorities, but doggone it, environmental protection is important to me."