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E-M:/ Tragic News

To All,
   I have a bad habit of not checking e-mail on the weekend, so I was shocked to get a call from my  friend and fellow activist Michelle Hurd-Riddick with the tragic news of Mary Beth's death.  It was hard to imagine -- this young, vital, committed, articulate, energetic woman -- gone. 
   Our paths frequently crossed.  Whenever the fight for environmental justice reached to our area in Midland, she was there.  On the many occasions when Greenpeace came to town, or the Ecology Center reached out a helping hand to confront Dow Chemical Company, Mary Beth was there.  When justice for Bhopal victims pounded on the door of Dow's corporate headquarters -- she was there.   She was kind, funny, with a quick smile -- she will be sorely missed. 
Terry Miller
Lone Tree Council

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