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Dear EnviroMicher's:  I thought some of you might be interested in seeing this message from Bob Deroche.  Bob is a civilian engineer for the ACOE who has worked on many wetland permits in Michigan.  Bob's integrity and committment  has earned him the respect of many in the environmental community.  He has been in Iraq since July and has less than 40 days to go.
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Try this.       ~H
 Hi Hugh, 
Thanks for the note.  Always, someone is not going to be happy with what
someone else is doing.  I'm not saying that what happened/happens with
Brigantine, or Mazuchet putting up a wall just out of Corps jurisdiction is
right, I'm just saying the gov't can't please everyone. Take this war for
example, many argue that we should not have come over in the first place,
while others argue that it was our responsibility to free the Iraqi people
from such tyranny. I am not the final judge. It has been an incredible
journey and experience for me...one which I will never forget. Especially
last night's rocket attack with 17 of those buggers launched at our camp.
It was my most terrifying experience to date.  Regardless, I only have 40
days from today before I start my journey home...a journey which will
reunite me with my wife for a visit to Jerusalem and the Holy Land.  Looking
forward to getting back to Michigan.  As ever,


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Hi Bob. I called the Corps last week to talk w/ you, & Rachel told me
left in July. No need to remind you to be careful, I'm sure,
but---please be 

The struggle w/ frigantine mistakes goes on. Just filing our More
Statement for judge Lacasse for our case hearing.

Sheet pile seawall stares at me now from Mazuchet Harbor's shore. This
up on us. No notice any of us saw; no hearing. The election was
enough w/out suddenly seeing the seawall there.

But all this is insignificant next to your tour, even though it must be
tremendously interesting, in spite of the situation. (I'm reminded of my
short time in Vietnam as a merchant seaman, rather than military.)

Add a few more people thinking about you. Take good care.       ~Hugh
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> Mazuchet putting up a wall just out of Corps jurisdiction

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