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Re: E-M:/ 16 Vreba Hoff Dairies cited

Enviro-Mich message from "Kathy Melmoth" <melmoth@dmci.net>

Please note that the article points out that EPA is not planning to fine any of the dairies. These are million dollar operations. In our experience in the Hillsdale/Lenawee area of Michigan, CAFOs continue to discharge. See http://nocafos.org/violations.htm for 116 DEQ documented discharges from CAFO dairies, many of them Vreba Hoff facilities, which represent a fraction of the observed discharges by neighbors and do not count ongoing discharges of several days.
According to the article sited below, Cecilia Conway, of Vreba Hoff, says the design of Vreba Hoff dairies continues to change as regulations change. The regulations of Michigan law and the Clean Water Act have not changed. Water quality standards are established. Water and air pollution result from the liquid system/ lagoon storage and liquid manure application to tiled fields. The system of production is the problem. As CAFOs proliferate and expand with no public oversight or real disincentive to change, the few fines that have been levied will be seen as the cost of doing business ( a quote form one of the CAFO owners), and the streams and rivers and ultimately the Great Lakes will be further compromised. If you are concerned with the Great Lakes then you cannot ignore this very polluting agricultural system of production.
On an individual level, I suggest you boycott milk unless the dairy can prove it raised its cows on grass.

Kathy Melmoth, RN, farmer, volunteer ECCSCM, Member of Michigan Farm Bureau, Michigan Farmers Union and Ann Arbor Farmers Market Growers Association

16 Vreba Hoff dairies in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana cited by
EPA for water pollution violations.


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