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E-M:/ Fwd: Local Healthy Dairy Products

Per Mary LaFrance's recent post, I dropped Bill Marshall at Spring House Creamery an e-mail inquiring where I could purchase his dairy products, and this is what he sent back.  Anyone know where he can raise $20,000 on short notice?

Bill Marshall <wcd@triton.net> wrote:
Actually right now we're shut down attempting to raise enough funds to be comfortable contracting with a farm for all of their milk.  We don't want to ask a farmer to commit to us unless we feel we can hold up our end of the bargain.  So far we've raised $30,000 and feel we need another $20,000 to go back into production.  Our bank has told us that if we get the $50,000 raised they'll back us for any other amount we need.
We've been down for about 2 weeks and have told our stores we hope to back in the market late next week.  We did have 4-6 stores in the NW Detroit suburbs, I think they'll stick with us when we come back.  I would love to be in Whole Foods or Trader Joe's but have had no luck with either.
IF we can't get this done I think we're going to "re-set" our farm as a CSA type situation with cow shares, goat shares and other products.  We're still only in the planning stage for that eventuality.
Thanks for the interest,