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E-M:/ Shopping Center Environmental /Recycling awards

    Do you know of shopping centers who are leaders in waste prevention or in
recycling?  Who have hosted one-time events related to recycling, such as the
Nike-reuse-a-shoe events?  Who have "cutting edge" landscaping?  Who reuse
or recycle their C&D (construction & deconstruction) waste from renovation?
They, or their retail partners, may want to send in an application for the new
awards developed by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
along with EPA.
    Award applications are due January 31, 2005.  The following
categories are available for both large and small shopping centers or
   o New Recycling Program Award
   o Expansion of an Existing Recycling Program Award
   o Outstanding Retailer Award
   o Outstanding Shopping Center Owner/Developer Award
   o Public Awareness Program Award
   o Community Partnership Award
   o Innovative Recycling Program Award
   For more information and copies of the award applications, check out
ICSC's website at http://www.icsc.org/government/AMR.shtml
   EPA's website for AMR! is at www.epa.gov/rcc/amr.htm  and information
about recycling can be found at www.epa.gov/msw
   Hope Pillsbury
   Municipal and Industrial Solid Waste Division