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Re: E-M:/ Dairy farms vs factory farms

Bill Marshall of Spring House creamery has been an advocate of consumer
education on Crone's disease for some time. There has been recent research
that links Johne's disease found in cattle and sheep to Crohn's disease in
humans. Most milk sold in the stores is predominantly super-pasteurized
(HTST) and tests have shown that this does not kill bacteria that can lead
to Crohn's disease.  However the process of low-temp vat does kill the

There is a lot of debate over the issue and there is a lot of money at stake

This is not unlike what happened to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream company when
they tried to label their products saying that it does not contain the
genetically-engineered growth hormone BST. This hormone is linked to cancer
due to it's insulin like growth factor, but the factory farms like to use it
because it forces cows to produce about ten times more milk than normal.