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Re: E-M:/ RE: / Hamtramck Incinerator and the "new" Steve ChesterMDEQ

Enviro-Mich message from "Tom Stephens" <tstephens@sugarlaw.org>

Somebody -  either me or Ms. Spitzley, presumably - is confused about what
Mr. Cedar meant by referring to communications with Mr. Chester regarding
the Hamtramck medical waste incinerator.

I clearly understood Mr. Cedar to be referring to communications for the
record of the public hearing, and the reference to Mr. Chester was in his
official capacity as Director of the DEQ, with a unique opportunity to
perhaps correct some of the abuses that had occurred under the previous DEQ
administration.  Ms. Spitzley's message seems to create some unfortunate
confusion on that point, as follows:

"While it is not my intent to discourage communication with Director
Chester, such communication cannot be included as part of the public

Again, I may be the one who is confused here, but I respectfully suggest
that communications about DEQ's decisions regarding a permitted facility are
clearly communications to Mr. Chester as Director of the DEQ, and must be
made part of the public record that theoretically would be used to ensure
that any decision complies with law.  I do appreciate Ms. Spitzley's
admonition that DEQ is not currently equipped to receive such comments by

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