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E-M:/ Washtenaw Land Trust ED Opportunity

If you know someone in the conservation business who might be interested in
this position, please encourage him or her to respond.  The Washtenaw Land
Trust is gaining a real foothold as an organization - raising money, doing
PDR projects with local farm families, and building a solid track record of
achievement.  Its board is energetic and also finding its way as a
fundraising board with strong connections to both farmland and natural areas
conservation.  The Washtenaw Land Trust owns 139 acres in four nature
preserves that are open to the public for quiet recreational uses such as
hiking, bird-watching, cross-country skiing and nature study.   It has
protected 670 acres in nineteen Conservation Easements as of January, 2004,
and WLT has helped five landowners to successfully obtain funding from the
State of Michigan to purchase the development rights on a total of 710
acres.   Please feel free to forward this posting. 

-- Maureen Martin, board member, chair of the land projects committee

Dear Friend,
The Washtenaw Land Trust, a local nonprofit organization protecting farmland
and natural areas in and around Washtenaw County, Michigan, seeks a
motivated, hard-working, and ambitious person to serve as its Executive
Director. If you or someone you know is interested in putting their skills
to work for a first-rate land conservation organization, please forward them
our job posting below.
Thank you,
-Suzie Heiney
Suzanne Brucker Heiney
Washtenaw Land Trust
1100 N. Main St., #203
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
Phone: 734-302-LAND (5263)
www.washtenawlandtrust.org <http://www.washtenawlandtrust.org/> 
Protecting farmland, natural areas and open space in and around Washtenaw
Job Posting: Executive Director
Position Summary
The Executive Director will be responsible for leadership of the Land Trust,
with particular focus on both land preservation projects and raising funds
for operations, land rights acquisition, land acquisition and long term
stewardship of these lands.  The Executive Director reports to the board of
directors and supervises administration, land protection, communications and
development staff members.  The Executive Director will strengthen the Land
Trust's ability to conduct land preservation efforts, and will recruit
volunteer and donated resources to build the collaborations and campaigns
that will make long term success possible.
Duties and Responsibilities

Undertake and direct land preservation efforts
*	Consistent with strategic land preservation plans, identify lands of
greatest priority, undertake landowner contact, and negotiate with
landowners interested in land preservation strategies 
*	Pursue appropriate strategies to complete these land preservation
projects with the board's approval
*	With collaborating units of government or nonprofit partners,
identify larger scale land preservation opportunities and strategies
*	Where appropriate, engage in larger scale campaigns or programs
Undertake and direct fundraising efforts
*	Achieve operational stability by diversifying funding base
*	Participate in major gifts fundraising as needed
*	Oversee fundraising operations and support development staff as
*	Encourage planned giving as a long-term strategy
*	Support the launch of a stewardship endowment fundraising drive
within three years of first successful capital fundraising drive
Manage the day-to-day operations, programs and activities of the Trust and
foster a work environment characterized by excellence, teamwork, creativity
and professionalism 
Represent the Trust to governmental units, other organization, media and the
public.  Recruit volunteers to represent WLT on township, city and county
committees related to land preservation
Work with the board and its subcommittees to develop budgets, operating
policies and action plans to implement the mission, goals and programs of
the Trust
Oversee the maintenance of trust-owned properties and monitor conservation
easement properties 
Direct the preparation and timely distribution of board packets, agenda
books, bulletins, reports, daily correspondence and other necessary
materials and communications
Maintain legally and ethically required records, files, documents and
Preferred Qualifications

*	Strong commitment to conservation and farmland and open space
preservation, and talent for collaboration and outreach
*	Working knowledge of local, state and federal land protection
regulations, laws and programs, including state and federal funding
*	Experience in management and/or fundraising for land trust or other
nonprofit organization
*	Working knowledge of real estate transactions including conservation
*	Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
*	Ability to lead, encourage and manage staff, consultants, volunteers
and collaborating entities to achieve the organization's mission and goals
*	Ability to foster a work environment characterized by excellence,
teamwork, creativity and professionalism
*	Bachelors degree in natural resources, business or related field
Application Information

Interested persons should submit a cover letter, resume, three references
and a writing sample before December 17, 2004, to Executive Committee,
Washtenaw Land Trust, 1100 N Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 or by e-mail to
suzie@washtenawlandtrust.org.  Salary and benefits are competitive.  Equal
opportunity employer.

Patrick Diehl
Associate Director
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette Drive, Ste. 2A
Lansing, Michigan 48912

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