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Enviro-Mich message from Phil Shepard <shepard@acd.net>

A special invitation to Michigan environmental activitists. If you are not in the mid Michigan area but would like to network with us (e.g. we have one Toledo correspondent now), please consider signing up at Yahoo.

CCLansing@yahoogroups.com (a.k.a. MMCC or Mid Michigan Committee of Correspondence) is a new list service especially for liberal activists in the mid Michigan area.

MMCC aims to:

- reflect upon and assess the new dimensions of political,
economic, and environmental catastrophe that loom before us.
- explore and identify opportunities and appropriate means
(non-violent direct action leaps to my mind) to reshape the
social environment so as to frustrate and defeat the coming
attacks on human rights, the best American traditions,
common decency, and so forth.
- creatively spawn effective action groups and assist in
their deployment at crucial times and places to be determined.
- provide moral support and material aid to all courageous
people who choose to resist the new totalitarianism.
- collaborate with any and all like-minded groups that
operate outside of our immediate geographic locale.
- and create or collect all kinds of resources needed for
the coming struggle.

The intent is to provide a loose organization whose participants will interact with other groups or networking nodes, such as MoveOn, DemocracyNow, Grassroots Liberals (a.k.a. Ingham Co. Vol. for Kerry), issue or theme focused groups (dozens have long histories), Election recount or related groups such as Black Box Voting, November 2 Truth, blogs such as OpEd News, Democractic Cell Project, etc. From these interactions we can hope to improve our political intelligence and circumvent the closed, Republican owned national media (almost all national media at this point). Recent posts have included extensive material on votergate, which is still under lockdown by the national media. This is a heavy traffic list service.

If you would like to participate, we are now an automated, private, email group at groups.yahoo.com. Here's how to use the listserve:

Post message:     CCLansing@yahoogroups.com
Subscribe:     CCLansing-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Unsubscribe:     CCLansing-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

If you are not already registered at Yahoo Groups, you will need to go to groups.yahoo.com <yahoo.groups.com> and register before your subscription request will be honored. You do not need to buy their email service (or anything else) to do this.

I highly recommend "opting out" of the system of "web beacons" at Yahoo. I have and if we all do we will have a better chance of continuing to use this system while flying below the opposition's radar, so to speak. In the present context of a contested right wing election "coup," not to mention what may come later, we do face serious risks of infiltration, sabotage, damaging or discrediting "spoofs," and the like. Also, feel free to minimize the info you give while registering. I have also minimized my personal info with Yahoo for security purposes.

In solidarity,

Phil Shepard

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