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Re: E-M:/ lead in Christmas lights??

Enviro-Mich message from "Pete Pasterz" <ppasterz@pplant.msu.edu>


Most people don't realize that the colored [white, green, etc.] wire insulator is made of PVC [yes, with its own environmental problems], and that PVC products use lead as a heat and light stabilizer in many consumer products.   [yes, lead to stabilize the vinyl from forming hydrochloric acid as it degrades!!!]

This was the reason many window "mini blinds" were recalled a few years ago...wonder why this hasn't extended to more consumer products [like toys] ???

Pete Pasterz

>>> "Rita Jack" <rita.jack@sierraclub.org> 12/13/04 02:03PM >>>
Hi Michigan,


Am I the only dodo in the world who didn't know there's lead in
Christmas tree lights, something to do with the wiring?  Can anyone
provide an explanation as to why we need lead in something that children
are exposed to every Christmas??  Because of a law in California that
requires it, there's actually a warning on the package, telling me to
wash my hands after handling the lights.  Astounding!



Yes, fool that I am, I bought them anyway.  I'm still trying to figure
out why.






Rita Jack

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