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The following is excerpted from: http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65/p65faq.html

Q: I recently bought a product that came with a Proposition 65 warning. How do I find out more about the warning and the chemicals in the product?

A: Businesses are not required to provide OEHHA with any information regarding their Proposition 65 warnings. To receive more information about the chemicals of concern and the levels of exposure related to a particular product's use, one should contact the manufacturer of the product. The decision to provide a Proposition 65 warning is made by the respective business based upon its knowledge of the types of chemical exposures it is responsible for causing to individuals. A business is not required to notify our office or any other regulatory agency when it decides to provide a warning.

Because we do not know why a business has chosen to provide a warning, we generally cannot respond to specific questions regarding the safety of a product’s use, why a warning is being given, for which listed chemical the warning is being given, how long the chemical exposures have been occurring, and at what level a chemical exposure is occurring. The responses to these exposure questions should be obtained from the business.

The list of chemicals subject to Proposition 65 is available at http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65/prop65_list/Newlist.html.




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Hi Michigan,


Am I the only dodo in the world who didn’t know there’s lead in Christmas tree lights, something to do with the wiring?  Can anyone provide an explanation as to why we need lead in something that children are exposed to every Christmas??  Because of a law in California that requires it, there’s actually a warning on the package, telling me to wash my hands after handling the lights.  Astounding!



Yes, fool that I am, I bought them anyway.  I’m still trying to figure out why.






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