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E-M:/ Wayfinding and Branding Workshop - online registration now available


The Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan is pleased to present:


GreenWays Initiative Wayfinding and Branding Workshop

Thursday, January 20th, 2005

The Max, 3711 Woodward Ave., Detroit

8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Online Registration is now available – please visit http://greenways.cfsem.org/events/index.html for more information about the Wayfinding and Branding Workshop and to register online.


What is Wayfinding?

Wayfinding exists in many scales and environments.  It navigates readers through a city, hospital corridor, airport or greenway.  Wayfinding is essentially a succession of clues comprising visual, audible and tactile elements.  The components of any visual Wayfinding system are more than signs to encompass architecture, lighting, landscape and landmarks.  Good Wayfinding helps users experience an environment in a positive way and facilitates getting from one place to another.  When executed successfully, he system can reassure users and create a welcoming environment, as well as answer questions before users even ask them.


What is Branding?


Branding is an equation of both the physical (name, tagline, logo, color) and the mental (attributes, personality) aspects of an organization.  It serves as a quick way to show and tell consumers what the organization or agency has to offer and what makes it unique for competitors. K A brand is a unique and identifiable symbol, association, name or trademark which serves to differentiate between products, services or institutions.  It stimulates both a physical and emotional trigger that creates a relationship between the individual and the product or institution.


Wayfinding and Branding help visitors enjoy and appreciate the community amenities connected by greenways.




Melissa Jean McMillan

GreenWays Initiative

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