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Enviro-Mich message from "Link, Terry" <link@mail.lib.msu.edu>

Hello everyone.

In the past I have maintained a mailing list of folks interesting in reading what I think are some insightful pieces on making a meaningful life in our times. As someone who sifts through the information world as part of my living I encounter a wide range of ideas and approaches. Generally I would characterize the things I send as being mostly aligned with what I call "progressive" politics and worldviews. I believe in feeding what is good in the world, and this is one way I attempt to do that.

My ego being the size of California, I initially called this the "tlinkster" list. I'm migrating my address book from an older machine to a new one and due to some major computer snafus lost the tlinskter list. I'm sending this message to everyone in my address book, many of you don't even know I maintain such a mailing list. I don't want to burden anyone who doesn't want to be on it, so if you want on the new and improved list  I'm renaming "mindfulness", send me a note. You can signoff anytime.

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