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E-M:/ Contract Zoning? strict rules or legal loophole

Hello anti-sprawlers, development do-gooders, environmental health activists and urban environmentalists
Below is a link to a Det News Editorial on new laws before Gov. Granholm regarding zoning, "outdated master plans" and Contract Zoning. I assume any contract contents would be negotiable so it would only be bad if a City allows a bad contract. But as a councilperson for an urban industrialized community I am concerned about anything that might allow a "dirty" facility to be located in our City even if through negotiations. For example, our Zoning Ord currently forbids the processing of hazardous waste even in our industrial zones and I would not want to lose that clear cut intention. 
Could I hear from a few of the Environmental Orgs referred to in the article as being supportive of this or maybe it would be more instructive to hear from those not mentioned?
Thanking you for your time
Rob Cedar
Councilperson- City of Hamtramck 
Director- HEAT- Hamtramck Environmental Action Team