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Re: E-M:/ Plan would let sewage flow into Michigan lakes

Enviro-Mich message from fred cowles <fecowles@yahoo.com>

This Detroit News article is all too typical of the
failings of journalism today.  It is apparent that the
authors didn't bother to read the proposed policy. It
isn't all that hard to do: www.epa.gov/npdes/blending.
This policy quite understandably might be opposed by
some who fully understand it, but this article does
not present one valid opposing view.  The policy will
NOT allow discharges of raw sewage. And any bad
consequences of raw sewage discharges cannot
rightfully be attributed to the blending of sewage
within a wastewater treatment facility.  

This policy would clarify the meaning of federal rules
promulgated in the 70s.  If the more stringent of the
prevailing interpretations did not have such high
costs associated with it, there would not be an issue
and blending would not be allowed. The problem comes
when cities have to ask rate-payers to foot the bill
for facility improvements that will not significantly
improve environmental protection.  Rate-payers, like
you and me, want our government to use our tax dollars
wisely. Thus the issue arose about blending. The use
of blending, which arguably is consistent with current
federal laws, can reduce the cost of facility upgrades
significantly. We should not vilify our civil servants
for trying to spend our money wisely.  

The proposed EPA policy on blending does not weaken
environmental protections. 

--- HAMILTREEF@aol.com wrote:

> _Plan  would let sewage flow into Mich. lakes_ 
> The EPA says it could save millions of dollars, but
> others fear the impact on drinking water.
> By February, the Environmental Protection Agency is
> expected to decide  
> whether to allow "sewage blending," a practice in
> which cities mix untreated  
> sewage with fully treated wastewater during storms. 
> Environmentalists are outraged at the EPA's sewage
> proposal, noting the  goal 
> of the 1970 Clean Water Act was to eliminate the
> discharge of sewage into  
> waterways by 2010.

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