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Re: FW: E-M:/ Plan would let sewage flow into Michigan lakes

Enviro-Mich message from Rane Curl <ranecurl@engin.umich.edu>

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> From: Joan Rose [mailto:rosejo@msu.edu]
> Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 1:25 PM
> To: Rita Jack
> Subject: Re: E-M:/ Plan would let sewage flow into Michigan lakes

> and analyzing those for bacteria, viruses and parasites.   First most
> sewage
> plants do not "filter" as part of the treatment, so I am not sure where
> this
> information about "filtered" comes from.  I would think that Mr. Rane
> Curt
> should look at what he means by "filtered"  as that is not the correct
> term.

Just for the record...I do not argue with Joan Rose on the technical
terminology, but I used a term appropiate in my field, chemical
engineering, for what I understood was the process, which included running
the raw sewage through grates that "filter" out larger trash. This is
shown in http://www.halifax.ca/harboursol/images/ProcessDia4big.gif and
called "screening". Undoubtedly I should have written "filtering and

I appreciate the more detailed response from an expert in the field.

--Rane L Curl

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