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E-M:/ Need Help w/ Videos/Film for Enviro Course

Greetings EnviroMichers,

I am finishing a syllabus for a class on "Anthropology, Health and the Environment," that I'm teaching in Dearborn this semester and want to show 2 videos (about 40-70 minutes) for my class.

Please send me ideas. . .anything. . . ..


By the way, I am using these books in the course:

Illness and the Environment, A Reader in Contested Medicine (ed. by Phil Brown and Valerie Gunter)
Ecology Against Capitalism (John Foster)
New Directions in Anthropology & Environment (ed by Carole Crumley)
Endangered Species (Janice Harper)
Cancer in the Community (Martha Balshem)


I'll share the responses with the list.