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Good Morning, EnviroMichers:

After days of technical problems, we've uploaded a number of items to our
website explaining the Northern Great Lakes Forest Project (a.k.a. "Big UP
Deal"), including maps. Please go to http://nature.org/michigan for the full

Thanks for your patience!


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How about a URL for an online map of this somewhere?

At 05:10 PM 1/6/2005, you wrote:

>News From The Nature Conservancy & the State of Michigan
>Governor?s Communications Division: (517) 335-6397
>The Nature Conservancy in Michigan: 101 E. Grand River, Lansing, MI
>48906-4348 ? http://nature.org/michigan
>Contact: Liz Boyd, press secretary for Governor Granholm (517) 335-6397 or
><mailto:boyde@michigan.gov>boyde@michigan.gov  or Melissa Soule, Nature
>Conservancy communications director at (517) 316-2268 or
>Granholm, Nature Conservancy Announce Deal to Protect UP Land, Economic
>Largest Conservation Project in State?s History Supported by The
>Forestland Group and Foundation Community
>LANSING, Mich. ? Governor Jennifer M. Granholm and representatives of The
>Nature Conservancy in Michigan announced today that a legally binding
>purchase and sale agreement had been reached with The Forestland Group,
>LLC, to protect more than 271,000 acres through a working forest easement
>on 248,000 acres and acquisition of 23,338 acres in the Upper Peninsula.
>Known as the Northern Great Lakes Forest Project, the parcels stretch over
>eight counties?from Chippewa to Ontonagon?and link together more than 2.5
>million acres of protected federal, state and natural areas across the UP.
>The Forestland Group was the successful bidder on the land in a 2002
>auction conducted by its former owner, the Kamehameha Schools of Hawaii.
>"Michigan is literally defined by its environmental treasures and today we
>take a bold and courageous step forward to preserve those treasures as a
>legacy for our children and our children?s children," Granholm said.
>"Thanks to this unprecedented partnership, the Upper Peninsula?s majestic
>trees and breathtaking shorelines?magical places that have inspired novels
>and paintings and countless hunting and hiking vacations?will still exist
>a century from now. I am so proud to help in bringing this late Christmas
>present to the people of Michigan."
>Granholm added that the agreement is an extraordinary opportunity to
>protect Michigan?s timber jobs and local economies while ensuring public
>access and protecting our forests, lakes and streams.
>This agreement:
>    * Keeps the land in private ownership and on the local tax rolls;
>    * Ensures that the land will remain open to the public for hunting,
> fishing, snowmobiling and other outdoor recreation activities;
>    * Allows for continued timber harvesting according to the standards
> established by a widely recognized sustainable forestry certification
> program; and
>    * Limits development and protects environmentally sensitive forest
> land from fragmentation and conversion to non-forest uses.
>"This represents one of the largest projects in The Nature Conservancy?s
>54-year history in 29 countries," said Helen Taylor, state director of The
>Nature Conservancy in Michigan. "Long after all of us are gone, future
>Michiganders will look back and say, ?thank you.?"
>The project will cost nearly $58 million and The Nature Conservancy has
>raised more than $40 million so far from the following private sources:
>    * Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund
>    * C.S. Mott Foundation
>    * W. K. Kellogg Foundation
>    * Kresge Foundation
>    * Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation
>    * Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation
>    * Carls Foundation
>    * Robert W. Wilson Challenge Fund
>    * Wege Foundation
>    * Frey Foundation
>    * Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
>    * In Memoriam of Isotta Cesari
>    * In Memoriam of W. Powell Cottrille
>Another $18 million will still be needed from public and private sources
>to complete the transaction.
>"One of the strengths of philanthropy is its capacity to invest in
>projects for the long term," said William S. White, president of the
>Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. "While this often takes patience and
>persistence?just as bringing this project together did?the end result is
>worth the effort. In this case, generations of Michiganders will benefit
>from the stabilization and preservation of the UP landscape."
>"Kellogg Foundation stepped up as a significant partner because this
>represents a special and unique opportunity to work collaboratively with
>Michigan-based funders, state government and private business to safeguard
>the natural resource base that will be important to the economic and
>social well being of the UP," said Rick Foster, vice president for
>programs of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.
>According to an economic impact assessment commissioned by The Nature
>Conservancy and conducted by Public Sector Consultants, the 271,000 acres
>covered by the agreement produce approximately 6% of round wood taken from
>UP forests. Based on this market breakdown, it can be assumed that the
>lands covered by the agreement account for $200 million of associated
>economic activity each year and support 3,000 total jobs. The total
>economic impact of these lands is even greater if you consider the impact
>of natural resources recreation, according to the assessment. Highlights
>of the project include:
>    * More than 300 natural lakes, including 74 lakes larger than ten
>    * 192 miles of Class I trout streams, including the Two Hearted River
> (a state-designated Michigan Natural River) and the Presque Isle River (a
> federally designated National Wild and Scenic River), as well as over 324
> miles of additional riparian habitat along major rivers and tributaries
> (roughly 516 miles total);
>    * More than 31 miles of land bordering Pictured Rocks National
> Lakeshore, including 20,000 acres of adjacent buffer;
>    * Roughly 10,000 acres of buffer and inholdings to Tahquamenon Falls
> State Park;
>    * Roughly 10,000 acres of buffer and inholdings to Porcupine Mountains
> Wilderness State Park;
>    * More than 52,000 acres of wetlands;
>    * Habitat for state and federal endangered species, including bald
> eagle, common loon, osprey, gray wolf, and a host of state-listed plant
> species and communities;
>    * Approximately 50,000 acres of watershed protection and buffer lands
> adjacent to Seney National Wildlife Refuge;
>    * 23,338 acres of adjacent land and inholdings to The Nature
> Conservancy?s existing nature preserve in the Big Two Hearted River
> watershed.
>    * Important natural features like unique old-growth hemlock gorges,
> and high-elevation peatland-forest ecosystems;
>    * 30,000 acres of adjacent buffer and inholdings to Hiawatha National
> Forest;
>    * 27,000 acres of adjacent buffer and inholdings to Ottawa National
> Forest; and
>    * Approximately 100,000 acres of adjacent buffer and inholdings to
> various State Forests.
>"The Forestland Group and our partners are delighted to participate in
>this extraordinary working forest conservation transaction with the State
>of Michigan and The Nature Conservancy." Chris Zinkhan,managing director
>of The Forestland Group, LLC. "We look forward to the opportunity to
>manage this unique forest property on a sustainable basis for the
>long-term future."
>The Forestland Group, LLC is a timberland investment management
>organization (TIMO) that provides investment opportunities for
>institutional and individual investors. Since 1995, The Forestland Group
>has acquired more than 1.5 million acres of timberland in 14 states. The
>firm manages more than 550,000 acres in Michigan. The Forestland Group has
>consummated working forest easements in New York, Maryland, and Delaware.
>The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals
>and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by
>protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. The Nature
>Conservancy counts at least 1 million members worldwide, including 30,000
>in Michigan. The Conservancy and its members have protected more than 80
>million acres on Earth, including 84,759 acres in Michigan. The Nature
>Conservancy embraces a non-confrontational, market-based approach for
>accomplishing its science-driven mission. More information can be found
>online at <http://nature.org/michigan>http://nature.org/michigan
># # #
>Melissa Soule, APR
>Director of Communications & Marketing
>(517) 316-2268 (Direct to Melissa)
>(517) 230-0818 (Cell)      The Nature Conservancy
>in Michigan
>101 E. Grand River
>Lansing, MI 48906-4348

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