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Re: E-M:/ Belle Isle Protest

This is as much about preserving special places on the Detroit River as it is about saving endangered species. The Aquarium has endangered sturgeon, an endangered mussel breeding--salamander, lilliput and others---and even even houses extirpated aquatic species such as the Golden Skiffa.  
There is a website for the Aquarium www.belleisleaquarium.org
where you find out more and sign the petition.
My opinion is that they are trying to privatize Belle Isle so they can build multi-million-dollar homes and a yacht club. It all makes sense. The casinos, the new stadiums. Look at what happened to Boblo. We saved Humbug Marsh from this kind of development so now there's no more real estate on the river that is readily available and isn't heavily contaminated--except for Belle Isle.

I think the proposed new waterfront aquarium is merely a smoke screen to get people to buy into the idea of closing the old aquarium down. This is an OUTRAGE and we need to get the neighborhoods and the greater Detroit metro area involved. Belle Isle belongs to everyone not just the developers and the Mayor.
Contact: Maryann Mahaffey (313) 224-4150
e-mail mahaffeym@mahaffey.ci.detroit.mi.us
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's Office (313) 224-3400
Ron Kagan
Detroit Zoo, Director
(248) 398-0903
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