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Re: E-M:/ Ann Arbor Greenbelt: Still SLOW!

Mr. Mutch,
You maybe missed my message from several days ago; so this is following up on that thread.
I agree with you that it will take some time for the Ann Arbor program to make deals with farmers and other land owners:  NOW THAT THE PROGRAM SEEMS TO BE OPERATING.
 But the Michigan Daily and Ann Arbor News, and one of the Detroit newspapers, have all had articles in the past year about how the mayor and politicians said they would have a Greenbelt Program up and running in early 2004. The mayor also promised that there would be some land protected early in 2004. That certainly did not happen.
So its 15 months after the Greenbelt election and we are just now getting the very basics of the program going. In my book that is slow. Meanwhile a lot of good farms out where I live are getting turned into playgrounds for rich developers so they can build big ugly housing complexes. So I don't understand why the city politicians move so slow.
I supported the proposal. But I expected more. 

Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com> wrote:
Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Mutch


Please explain why you stated that the City is "moving
very slowly" based on the article below.

The article notes that the City is currently taking
applications for the Greenbelt proposal. The window to
apply opened a week ago and the City will continue to
take applications through February 18th. Considering
the very significant legal and financial issues that a
property owner has to consider in selling their
development rights or property, I'm not at all
surprised that people didn't run down and apply on Day
1. It's a big decision for people to make about their
property and I wouldn't be surprised if most of the
applications come in at the last minute. Plus, this is
a voluntary program and if people decide not to
participate, the City can't force them to do so.

Andrew Mutch
Novi, MI

--- "F. Mercer" wrote:

> More disappointing news from Ann Arbor city
> commission. They are still moving very slowly on the
> Greenbelt. See AA News story below.
> --Fred Mercer
> No takers yet in greenbelt programAnn Arbor has Feb.
> 18 land purchase application deadline to qualify for
> federal matching funds
> Tuesday, February 01, 2005BY TOM GANTERT
> News Staff Reporter
> No landowners have yet applied to sell land or
> development rights to Ann Arbor under the city's
> fledgling greenbelt program, said Jayne Miller, the
> Community Services administrator.
> But greenbelt officials said they expect it to take
> a while for word to spread about the new program,
> which started accepting applications Jan. 24 and
> will continue through Feb. 18.
> The Feb. 18 deadline will help the greenbelt program
> meet a deadline of its own for qualifying for
> federal matching funds, said Mike Kelly, program
> manager for The Conservation Fund, the agency hired
> to coordinate sales and reach out to prospective
> applicants.
> ....

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