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Re: E-M:/ Ann Arbor Greenbelt: Still SLOW!

Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com>


I can't speak to what was said in the papers or by the
Mayor but I don't think it was realistic to expect the
program to be up-and-running in a couple of months.
The Ann Arbor Greenbelt is a program on a scale that
is much larger than anything attempted by any
municipality in the State. Getting that program set up
and working out all of the legal and financial details
takes time. For a program with a lifespan of 30 years,
it's better to get things in order from day one. 

You also have to remember that the Greenbelt is not
the only land preservation program in town. Other
organizations and communities are out there protecting
and preserving farmland and open space. In the past
year, land has been preserved or proposals introduced
to preserve land in Superior Township and Pittsfield
Townships. Also, Scio Township approved a millage for
purchase of development rights that will allow the
Township to work with Ann Arbor in preserving
greenbelt properties. More details here:




As for the conversions of the existing farms, no one
wants to see that happen. But farmland owners know
that the Greenbelt program is a reality and if they
have chosen to sell out anyway, it's likely they
weren't going to participate. 

Andrew Mutch

--- "F. Mercer" <bluemontego@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Mr. Mutch,
> You maybe missed my message from several days ago;
> so this is following up on that thread.
> I agree with you that it will take some time for the
> Ann Arbor program to make deals with farmers and
> other land owners:  NOW THAT THE PROGRAM SEEMS TO BE
>  But the Michigan Daily and Ann Arbor News, and one
> of the Detroit newspapers, have all had articles in
> the past year about how the mayor and politicians
> said they would have a Greenbelt Program up and
> running in early 2004. The mayor also promised that
> there would be some land protected early in 2004.
> That certainly did not happen.
> So its 15 months after the Greenbelt election and we
> are just now getting the very basics of the program
> going. In my book that is slow. Meanwhile a lot of
> good farms out where I live are getting turned into
> playgrounds for rich developers so they can build
> big ugly housing complexes. So I don't understand
> why the city politicians move so slow.
> I supported the proposal. But I expected more. 
> Fred

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