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E-M:/ SE Mich/Grand Rapids pollution highest in US

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

As of 12 PM, PM 2.5 air pollution in Southeastern Michigan
[via monitors at Dearborn and Port Huron] and at Grand Rapids
are at "code red -- unhealthy" air pollution.


These monitors in Port Huron, Dearborn and Grand Rapids are showing
the highest PM 2.5 air pollution in the United States for the
24 hour average ending at 12 noon today.


Kalamazoo, Flint, Ypsilanti and Allen Park are showing
"unhealthy for sensitive groups"

I don't have complete PM 2.5 24 hour average data but Michigan
submitted a document showing 98th percentile  PM 2.5 maximum
24 hour averages for years 2001-2003 that were far below what
is being measured today in SE Michigan and Grand Rapids.....so
this is likely to be record breaking air pollution in Michigan today
at least for Port Huron, Dearborn and Grand Rapids.

The Port Huron and Dearborn monitors should be regarded as
regional indicators of PM 2.5 in the  Port Huron-Detroit corridor/region
since these are the only available real-time-reporting monitors available.
Other air monitoring sites in SE Michigan showing "good" air quality
don't have real time reporting PM 2.5 monitors.

"unhealth for sensitive groups" begins at 40.5 micrograms/cubic meter for
PM 2.5    At 12 noon, 24 hour averages in ug/m3 are...

Port Huron    70.3
Dearborn  77.5
Allen Park 64.9
Ypsilanti   50.3
Flint  41.8
Saginaw 40.2
Lansing 40
Grand Rapids  66.5
Kalamazoo  40.7
Holland  33.5
Houghton Lake  33.2

At 10 am Dearborn (by Salina School) had a peak 1 hour
of PM 2.5 at 111 ug/m3    There is no standard for
1 hour exposures but this is very, very high air pollution.

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