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E-M:/ Lynn Henning Joins Sierra Club staff



by Rita Jack, Water Sentinels Project Coordinator


Sierra Club wants to extend an enthusiastic welcome to Lynn Henning, a tireless Michigander who recently joined the staff of the Mackinac Chapter. For the past three years Henning has sampled water in drainage field tile inlets and outlets as well as in ditches and streams near concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in her community of Clayton, looking for fecal coliform bacteria and depressed dissolved oxygen. Last spring she documented severely depressed dissolved oxygen levels that led to a fish-kill in Lime Lake after numerous episodes of nutrient-laden runoff into Lime Lake inlet. Henning has assembled an impressive alert system that includes the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the health department and the USEPA.


“Lynn Henning knows as much about the causes and sources of water and air pollution from animal factories as anyone in Michigan,” says state Club director Anne Woiwode. “She has perfected the skills needed to identify polluting operations out of necessity. She and her husband Dean are family farmers who have been growing field crops next to polluting CAFOs for five years.” Henning’s family members and neighbors suffer from hydrogen sulfide poisoning and have seen their well water and streams destroyed by CAFO wastes.  “Lynn is an extraordinary citizen activist who doesn’t give up,” continued Woiwode. “Her persistence and skill are respected by regulators and feared by polluting CAFOs. We are extraordinarily lucky to have Lynn Henning join Sierra Club as our CAFO Water Sentinel.”


Henning and other volunteers with the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan have brought to light more than 100 violations of the Clean Water Act from animal factories in Lenawee and Hillsdale county (see www.nocafos.org for more information). People throughout Michigan and Ohio living with CAFO pollution call Henning day and night for help. She is a voice for those who are often too afraid of the repercussions of speaking for themselves. Henning has been targeted with vandalism and unfounded legal harassment from those who oppose her efforts. She does not back down. Her dogged persistence helps prove that almost all CAFOs pollute and that they are a threat to the environment and to human health.


We’re very glad to welcome Lynn Henning to the Sierra Club family as the Club’s official CAFO Water Sentinel!


Excerpted from the February 2005 issue of the MACKINAC, which will be in mailboxes soon.


Anne Woiwode, Director, Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter

109 East Grand River Avenue, Lansing, MI 48906

517-484-2372, fax 517-484-3108  www.michigan.sierraclub.org