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E-M:/ AGROFORESTRY ecovillage development

GreatLakes Agroforestry On 02/18/2005

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Great Lakes Agroforestry, Ecovillage Design & Development Program.

GOAL: To provoke a sustainable society

POSITIONS: Projects Coordinators
Seeking candidates for servant leadership in any or several of the following areas:

-Communications/writer's group
-Mushroom Production
-Cabin log and pole processing
-Organic gardens in a forestfarm context
-Environmental monitoring and assessment
-Sustainable agroforestry
-Foreign Exchange coordination
-Community Education (topics related to sustainable society issues)
-Festival/Conference coordination
-Website development/e-commerce
-Permaculture design regional consultancy
-Low cost/Low impact shelter design and development
-Production of specialty timbers
-Production of non-timber forest products
-Plant propagation (perennial edible landscape species)

QUALIFICATIONS: Appropriate physical and emotional health. Must have sincere desire to promote sustainable society. Should be bright, adaptive, cooperative and in possession of a generous sense of humor.

Great Lake Agroforestry (GLA) is a consortium of professional natural resource/sustainable development specialists who network around multiple facilities and landed assets. GLA aims to create synergy among private land stewards and develop and promote permacultural practices as a necessary foundation to a sustainable society.

TRAINING: GLA provides a complete context for professional and paraprofessional development in agroforestry and agroecology. Certification programs in agroforestry. Will train in all fields listed above.

ECOVILLAGE: GLA aims to help create a network of ecovillages and collaborative enterprises based on permacultural principles. This means building economically viable and ecologically sustainable methods for living and working.

COMPENSATION: Good land, pristine water, unlimited building materials, organic cuisine, lots of freedom to learn and create, and unlimited financial return based on profit sharing. Live in and help create ecovillages. Available beginning Feb. 2005.

TO APPLY: Tell us your story. Candor and comprehensiveness counts. Privacy assured.



Email address: agforest@ureach.com
Web Address: http://www.greatlakesagroforestry.org

Email address: agforest@ureach.com
Web Address: http://www.greatlakesagroforestry.org