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E-M:/ "Payback for big business at the expense of consumers" Class Action Law

Title: "Payback for big business at the expense of consumers"
The recent victory for the Bush Administration in limiting the venues for citizen redress of harm in class actions is likely to result in less justice for the average person, and an even greater concentration of power for big corporations.
The recent class action in Michigan to win compensation for those who have been living in dioxin contaminated homes and neighborhoods for decades is a good example of a case that likely would have been forced to federal court by this new law.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) scored the bill as a "payback for big business at the expense of consumers."

Victory For Bush On Suits
New Law to Limit Class-Action Cases

 By John F. Harris
 Washington Post Staff Writer
 Friday, February 18, 2005; Page A01

President Bush will sign legislation this morning to rewrite the rules
for class-action lawsuits, a measure he has coveted for years and whose
swift passage in the new Congress illustrates the expanded influence of
Republicans and their business supporters.

The Class Action Fairness Act is designed to funnel most such lawsuits
from state courts to the federal system -- a procedural change that
could have substantive implications, because federal courts
traditionally have been less sympathetic to class-action cases waged by
plaintiffs claiming they have been victimized by fraud or negligence by