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Re: E-M:/ Global warming to worsen air pollution here

Enviro-Mich message from Doug Cowherd <dcow2@yahoo.com>

Bill, I think you're describing what is seen as the
worst case outcome (20 degree differentials).  Of
course, the worst case may well come true.  One
insight - which may have long been common knowledge to
most here - I've gotten from learning about global
climate change is that even apparently small changes
in average and peak temperature can wreak havoc on the

I've seen estimates of plus four degree differences
for Michigan (perhaps this is the best case scenario).
 The change in weather patterns, the change in habitat
and thus wildlife, and the change in surface and
groundwater levels that accompany even such apparently
"moderate" shifts are actually devastating.  And now I
realize that air pollution might clear out less
rapidly as well.

I suspect there is other indirect environmental damage
inherent in climate change models that I haven't
understood yet.  Could climate change explain the
recently dismal history of the Detroit Lions and
Tigers as well?

--- William Tobler <WilliamTobler@CrittersWoods.org>
[snip]  As I 
> remember, the average and peak temperatures in
> Michigan may rise 20 degrees, 
> and the ground water moisture levels drop by 50%. 
> Of course the actions by 
> the Bush administration and the present Michigan
> Republican legislature are 
> well known, and these actions are to increase
> greenhouse gases.
> Can you imagine a hot Michigan summer afternoon that
> is 20 degrees hotter 
> than now?
> Do you remember seeing the fields of corn in the
> past 10 years wilting away?

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