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Kim and others,


Just a reminder that you can visit the ARCHIVE of Enviro-Mich and look at all old messages at  http://www.great-lakes.net/lists/enviro-mich/


I find this feature incredibly useful. Thanks to Alex for having the foresight to establish and make accessible the archive!!! And it’s searchable, so I can go read all about the stories related to my employer and pass them along to decision-makers when the time is ripe…




Terry Link, Director

Office of Campus Sustainability

Michigan State University

15 Olds Hall

East Lansing, MI 48824

1-517-355-1751 (Phone/fax)




One planet, one family, one future


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I hope someone out there in EM-land can help me out here  - I would like that list of environmental videos one more time (I saw it awhile ago here, but - oops - didn't save the message).

Kim W.