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E-M:/ Dow educating the public on dioxin

Dow talks to residents at properties with high dioxin levels

Dow Chemical Co. has mailed 220 invitations to the owners and occupants of the most-polluted properties along the dioxin-tainted floodplain, specifically those with contamination levels higher than 1,000 parts per trillion.

DEQ spokeswoman Patricia Spitzley raised no objections to the meetings.

................................ "The more information and education people can receive about the effects of dioxin the better."

One more example of State of Michigan permitting the polluter to frame the conversation and explain the science surrounding dioxin.  As recently as two weeks ago Dow stated in the Midland Daily News that they see no problem with dioxin in the soils and that the only problem with dioxin is chloracne. Obviously it is ok with DEQ that Dow perpetuate this misinformation contrary to the preponderance of independent science from around the globe that says otherwise.
 In November, Dow distributed a  Community Update  filled with distortions and half truths about dioxin. It was one of Dow's most blatant efforts to date to minimize the risks associated with dioxin.  We were told by DEQ management that a response was being prepared but it never came to fruition. The last we heard it was sent to the Governor's communications people and never returned.  It is with absolute impunity and  with no apparent fear of reprisal from the state  that Dow continues to shamefully put communities and our natural resources  at risk.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council