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E-M:/ dioxin on the saginaw river


This is the place, the state Department of Environmental Quality declared this week.

State officials have issued a permit that could allow Saginaw County to develop 281 acres along the Saginaw-Bay county line that someday could become home to 3.1 million cubic yards of silt siphoned from the Saginaw River.


What concerns nearby residents and environmentalists is what may lie within the spoils -- dioxin.




And the Dow saga continues. The highest concentrations to date of dioxin found are found in the Saginaw River, some 120 times the state allowable level. The recent Framework agreement between Dow and DEQ only requires Dow to address the first five miles of the Saginaw River south of the confluence with the Tittabawassee River nowhere near the dredge site.  

It must be repeated time and again: The dioxin fingerprint in the Saginaw River matches those found in the Tittabawassee and that fingerprint is Dow Chemicals. You have a responsible identified polluter. The DEQ without an Environmental Impact study is going to permit these Dow dioxin laden soils to be placed in a low tech open pit available to top dwellers and human populations.   Dow is not being called on to provide  technical or financial relief let alone an alternative site. Is polluter pay dead in Michigan?

In addition the hydro-geological study is not being done until later.  Permit first and find the sand seams later. If it leaks it becomes a monitored 201 site of contamination. Will the Saginaw River and Bay be an federal area of concern forever?


Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council