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E-M:/ Nancy Donnelly of National Geographic to speak at MSU on Tuesday, March 1

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Subject:	Nancy Donnelly of National Geographic to speak at MSU on Tuesday, March 1

Nancy Donnelly, a documentary producer for National Geographic Explorer, will speak on Tuesday, March 1 from  4 to 5 p.m. in room 145 of the Communication Arts Building. Nancy, who is a 1992 graduate of MSU's Journalism School, will talk on the topic of "Headhunters, Exploding Mountains and Lesbian Monkeys." She will describe the challenges of making documentaries around the world, including some of the diplomatic and ethical issues she has faced when working in culturally sensitive countries such as Burma, China and Russia. She'll recount stories from some of her most challenging assignments, including a report about China's one-child policy and a program about female sexual choice in the animal world. And she'll talk about the surprises-sometimes good, sometimes deadly-that happen in the field when crews work for weeks with animals in the jungle, on active volcanoes and on venomous, snake-infested islands-all while trying to bring back the story and images on time.
Nancy's talk is free and open to the public. Immediately following her talk, she will meet with environmental journalism students and other interested students and faculty members in room 191 of the Communication Arts Building.
Nancy's visit is sponsored by the MSU School of Journalism, the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, The Center for Advanced Study of international Development and Women and International Development.

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