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E-M:/ Agent orange case

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

You've been reading lately that Dow Chemical has been
understating/downplaying/disregarding the toxicity of poly chlorinated dibenzo-dioxins
and furans (PCDD/PCDF) found in deposits in the Midland
area and downstream in the Tittabawassee watershed.

Dave Dempsey recently posted a piece apparently written
inside the MDEQ, but not officially released, responding to this issue.

Today's NY Times contains an article suggesting that chemical
companies that supplied PCDD/PCDF contaminated
herbicides during the Viet Nam war might have committed
war crimes.


Meanwhile, the Bush Administration is trying to get that suit,
a class action on behalf of Vietnamese citizens, dismissed even
though the federal govenment isn't a defendant.

Also over the weekend, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm
got more mention as a potential presidential candidate, but needing
the benefit of a constitutional amendment to benefit Arnold
Schwarzenager so a naturalized US citizen can become president.

Granholm can't carry out her public health/environmental protection
responsibilities, satisfy the House and Senate Republicans, let
Dow escape responsibility for PCDD/PCDF cleanup and the
extent of PCDD/PCDF toxicity, act like a Democratic Leadership
Council (DLC) Democrat and keep everyone happy all at the same time.

Clinton-era "triangulation" doesn't work anymore and if Granholm
relies on that strategy it could cost her re-election.

If she doesn't take a strong stand on this PCDD/PCDF issue it will be an invitation
to be rolled over on everything else down the line.

On Dow's part, perhaps Dow can't admit culpability in Midland for fear of
retribution for its past involvement in the Agent Orange issue.    I
guess that is too bad for Dow Chemical, but that is no reason for
Michigan to let them off the hook on their past conduct in Midland.

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