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Re: E-M:/ Budget cut threatens dam safety

Enviro-Mich message from "Frank Ruswick" <ruswickf@michigan.gov>

There has been somewhat of a misunderstanding about this.  The budget proposal is to eliminate the DEQ inspection program only.  Owners and operators of dams, including state agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources, would remain legally obligated to ensure the proper maintenance and safety of the dams for which they are responsible.

Frank Ruswick
Special Assistant to the Director

>>> <HAMILTREEF@aol.com> 03/01/05 5:34 PM >>>
I received these email questions from a Lori.  Can anyone help me  answer her 
Lori - Do we know what Gov. Granholms rationale is for pulling the  financial 
support for maintenance, or if she is recommending  an  alternative?  I know 
that there is considerable support for removing dams  from our rivers since 
they create an artificial barrier for river life.   There may be more to it than 
just the budget cut.

_Budget  cut threatens dam safety_ 
Michigan's dam safety program, established after a 1986 flood burst several  
dams in West Michigan, would be eliminated under Gov. Jennifer Granholm's  
proposed 2006 budget. 

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