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Great Lakes Day in Washington, March 2, 2005

Great Lakes issues to take center stage

Ann Arbor, Mich. . ­ How will the Great Lakes fare in Congress this year?
What is being done to harmonize Great Lakes priorities through the Great
Lakes Regional Collaboration Initiative? What perspectives do our regional,
national and binational leaders have on Great Lakes restoration, protection
and sustainable use?

Insights into these and other issues will be provided at Great Lakes Day in
Washington, March 2, 2005. Members of Congress, state and regional leaders,
senior officials and top aides will share their perspectives on the
challenges facing the world?s greatest freshwater resource and what needs to
be done to address them. Confirmed speakers include Chicago Mayor Richard
Daley, U.S. Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI), Toronto Mayor David Miller, and
Benjamin Grumbles, U.S. EPA assistant administrator for water.

?Momentum on Great Lakes issues has been building over the past year, with a
flurry of legislative and policy initiatives coming out of Washington and
the Great Lakes region,? said Tom Huntley, chair of the Great Lakes
Commission. ?Great Lakes Day affords us an opportunity to take a closer look
at these issues and to introduce our member states? priorities for
addressing them.?

Sponsored by the Great Lakes Commission and the Northeast-Midwest Institute,
this annual event provides a snapshot of where things stand in Great Lakes
policymaking and a preview of what?s to come during the 2005 session of
Congress. It will also feature the release of the Commission?s 2005 Great
Lakes Program to Ensure Environmental and Economic Prosperity, with
recommendations for federal legislation and appropriations based on the
restoration priorities of the region?s governors and the member states of
the Great Lakes Commission.

The day begins with the Great Lakes Congressional Breakfast, sponsored by
the Great Lakes Commission and the Northeast-Midwest Institute, and
featuring presentations by members of Congress and regional leaders.

Immediately following will be the Great Lakes Issues Briefing, sponsored by
the Great Lakes Commission and featuring in-depth presentations by senior
officials and top congressional aides. View the agendas online at

All events are open to the public; registration fees will be waived for
members of the news media.


Jon MacDonagh-Dumler, Great Lakes Commission, 734-971-9135, jonmacd@glc.org
Dick Munson, Northeast-Midwest Institute, 202-544-5200, dickmunson@nemw.org

The Great Lakes Commission, chaired by Thomas Huntley (Minn.), is a
nonpartisan, binational compact agency established under state and U.S.
federal law and dedicated to promoting a strong economy, healthy environment
and high quality of life for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region and its
residents. The Commission consists of state legislators, agency officials,
and governors' appointees from its eight member states. Associate membership
for Ontario and Québec was established through the signing of a "Declaration
of Partnership." The Commission maintains a formal Observer program
involving U.S. and Canadian federal agencies, tribal authorities, binational
agencies and other regional interests. The Commission offices are located in
Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The Northeast-Midwest Institute is a Washington-based, private, non-profit,
and non-partisan research organization dedicated to economic vitality,
environmental quality, and regional equity for Northeast and Midwest states.
Formed in the mid-1970?s, it fulfills its mission by conducting research and
analysis, developing and advancing innovative policy, providing evaluation
of key federal programs, disseminating information, and highlighting sound
economic and environmental technologies and practices. The Institute is
unique among policy centers because of its ties to Congress through the
Northeast-Midwest Congressional and Senate Coalitions. The bipartisan
coalitions advance federal policies that enhance the region?s economy and


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