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E-M:/ Dow House Cleaning

Cleanup called 'Band-Aid'


Jacob said he is no adversary of Dow. He isn't part of a lawsuit that claims the chemical giant has hurt property values and health. He just wants to see the river cleaned up.

This is a start, Jacob said of the interim cleanup, but it's not enough.

"This is a Band-Aid," he said. "Let's get to the real problem."



Not to downplay the importance of cleaning people's homes of  dioxin laden dust but Mr. Jacob is correct. This is a Band-Aid --------(on a gushing wound)

While Dow is out and about milking the PR benefits to be gained by their cleaning and lawn service there is no mandate for them to:

  • fund further testing of the sediments and soils in the Tittabawassee/ Saginaw River and Bay to further characterize the extent of their contamination
  • remove  hot spots of contamination in these waterways
  • plan for the long term safe disposal of their dioxin laden soils
  • provide financial or technical assistance for the placement of their dioxin laden sediments from the COE dredge project on the Saginaw River. 
  • or, do anything substantive to aid in the restoration of the Saginaw Bay Watershed.
Indeed it's as though a responsible party doesn't exist!

Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council