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E-M:/ Ellenwood Landing Condominium Association - 92-048-010-2

White Lake in Muskegon County has had a history of abuse and pollution, but none so blatant as the deliberate placement of Ellenwood Landing Marina at the most critical habitat of the lake at the mouth of White River.  There is no reason the present administration has to be as unethical as the last administration.  Please help us have this 10-year dredging permit denied.  Thanks.

Ellenwood Landing Condominium Association

The Detroit District has posted a public notice to our internet home page: The deadline for this permit comment period is March 24, 2005.


File Number:  92-048-010-2

  Applicant:  Ellenwood Landing Condominium Association

   Location:  Muskegon County, Michigan

   Waterway:   (White Lake)

The applicant has requested authorization to hydraulically and/or mechanically perform maintenance dredging with upland disposal for ten (10) years in the existing marina basin and access channel.

Please refer to the Public Notice for information on how to submit comments.

92-048-010-2 Joint Public Noice


DRAWING01-05 http://www.lre.usace.army.mil/functions/rf/html/ctny/pnmi/miPIX/920480102/920480102a.pdf