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E-M:/ Beach walk case

Enviro-Mich message from Keith Schneider <keith@mlui.org>

Dear friends,
As if there isn't enough out there to get indignant and annoyed about, now comes the state Supreme Court's consideration of where citizens have a right to walk on Great Lakes beaches. If you have family and friends planning to come out to Michigan this summer they may or may not have the same range of motion on our Great Lakes beaches as they traditionally enjoyed. The high court has been asked to choose from three lines in the sand. If they pick the one that the Appellate Court decided last year, one advocated by the property rights crowd, then beach walking on shoreline in front of private lakefront will be illegal. Fences already are going up all over the shoreline.
The Institute, along with the state and Tip of the Mitt, have suggested a line that would provide for a permanent pathway for the public to walk along the shoreline.

NWF, MUCC, and 16 Democratic state senators, have suggested a line that would open the beach to the ordinary high water mark.

The Institute's analysis, published yesterday, is here: http://www.mlui.org/landwater/fullarticle.asp?fileid=16829

Cheers, Keith Schneider, deputy director, Michigan Land Use Institute

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