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Re: E-M:/ Dairy Cattle and Q Fever


Please don't make the perennial mistake of assuming that problems in the bulk milk supply point to a reason to avoid raw dairy. Many educated people have reason to think that just the opposite is true.

Many of the ills overtaking dairy herds are associated with CAFOs and the prevalent use of the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone, rBGH. And the cows are not eating the food that they are supposed to eat which is grass--not corn, not soy, etc. Their immune systems are compromised--and so are ours when we eat things that our bodies have not evolved to digest--which is about 70% of the current American diet--and food from animals that are deprived of their natural way of life!

Dairy from a grass-fed herd is more likely to be free of disease because the cows are generally healthier. It's even better if you are lucky enough to be able to get that kind of dairy product in an unpasturized form since the nutritional value is much higher and the enzymes that aid digestion are still intact.

Claire O'Leary

On Mar 18, 2005, at 2:30 PM, Alex J. Sagady & Associates wrote:

This just in.. from Centers for Disease Control -
Emerging Infectuous Disease report.....in a large scale survey primarily focused on
NY, the Northeast and the Midwest.....

<x-tad-smaller>"Dairy cattle are a primary reservoir of </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>Coxiella burnetii</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>, which causes Q fever. However, no recent nationwide studies have assessed the prevalence and risks of Q fever in dairy cattle. We report 94% prevalence in samples of bulk tank milk from U.S. dairy herds tested during the past 3 years.</x-tad-smaller>

The survey included some samples from Michigan but the article did
not identify the dairies tested.


....better think twice about consuming unpasturized milk!!!

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