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E-M:/ CMU Posters at the Capitol on April 12th -- Lots of Environmental Research Reports

Attached press release FYI……This event is open to the public………TOM



CMU ‘POSTERS AT THE CAPITOL’ – Showcase of Student Research

Pat Housley, (989) 774-3197

Dr. David Matty, (989) 774-3179
Kathleen Wilbur, (989) 774-3871

The fifth annual “Posters at the Capitol” April 12 at the state capitol in Lansing will include a robot that walks upstairs, a supermileage vehicle and research projects by more than 40 undergraduate students at Central Michigan University.

CMU’s event also will include a study of the effects of El Nino on Michigan winters, emerging pathogens in contaminated soil, renewable energy sources, a proposed Mount Pleasant commercial airport, migrant birds in Michigan wildlife areas, nanoparticles, cottonmouth snakes, thunderstorm formations, Beaver Island bogs and much more. In 2000, the CMU event was the first of its kind to showcase undergraduate research in Michigan.

The event, free and open to the public, will be from 3 to 7 p.m. in the rotunda of the capitol building with an hors d’oeuvre reception from 5 to 7 p.m. CMU President Michael Rao, joined by CMU deans, faculty and staff, will present certificates to the students and be on hand to visit with legislators, alumni, parents and other guests.

“The Posters at the Capitol event is a unique opportunity for students to share with others the scope and quality of undergraduate research being done at CMU,” said David Matty, chairman of CMU’s geology department and coordinator of the event. “The undergraduate event that CMU began has been adopted by other Michigan universities because students who participate learn leadership and networking skills as well as exhibit their scientific endeavors. The experience helps prepare them for future careers.”

CMU provides numerous opportunities for students to participate in and conduct significant original research with other students and faculty. The activities enhance thinking and communication skills and better prepare students for graduate school or employment where research-related work habits are highly valued.

“The faculty and students put forth tremendous efforts to prepare for an event that raises awareness at the state level of the types of research activities that CMU students conduct,” said Kathleen Wilbur, CMU vice president for government relations. “The event attracts legislators, alumni and family members of our students from throughout Michigan.”

The exhibition is sponsored by CMU’s Office of Alumni Relations, Office of Government Relations, and College of Science and Technology.

CMU alumni can register online for the reception at http://www.cmich.edu/alumni/activities or by calling the Office of Alumni Relations at (800) 358-6903.







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