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E-M:/ MI subsidizes egg laying CAFO, while Oklahoma AG Sues whole Poultry CAFO industry

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>

Herbruck's is a massive chicken concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO)
with one of its massive facilities easily seen on the southwestern corner of
I-96 and the Ionia exit.  

There is a DEEP irony to this timing -- the Attorney General of Oklahoma has
just filed a notice of intent to sue that appears to list almost EVERY
poultry CAFO in the state giving them ALL 90 day's notice of the intent to
sue under the Clean Water Act because, as the Letter of Intent states, "The
Poultry Integrators have contributed to the handling, storage and/or
disposal of solid and/or hazardous waste in a manner that may or does
present an imminent and substantial endangerment to human health and the
environment in the Illinois River Watershed" (IRW).

The Letter of intent explains that these poultry operations, including
egg-laying facilities, "generate hundreds of thousands of tons of poultry
waste" which "constitute solid and/or hazardous waste pursuant" under
federal law, and that "Since approximately 1980, it has been the practice of
the Poultry Integrators to dispose of this waste on lands within the IRW
resulting in the release of this waste and associated pollutants into soils,
groundwater and surface waters of the IRW -- a practice which may and does
present an imminent and substantial endangerment of human health and the
environment in the IRW" in violation of federal law and regulations.  The
waste is identified as containing phosphorous and phosphorous compounds,
nitrogen and nitrogen compounds, arsenic and arsenic compounds, zinc and
zinc compounds, copper and copper compounds, hormones, antibiotics, and
microbial pathogens.

Sierra Club last month sent a letter to the MEDC protesting other support of
CAFOs, specifically tax exempt bonds for two dairy CAFOs and support for
roads for other dairy CAFOs.  We have requested the MEDC to end its practice
of supporting CAFO expansion in Michigan.  In a separate email I will post
our arguments to the MEDC for ending this practice. 

Anne Woiwode
Sierra Club

Anyone know anything about the nature of the Herbruck Poultry Ranch, Inc., 
project  listed below (Ionia County) that MDOT is supporting?

Contact: Benjamin Kohrman 517-335-3084
Agency: Transportation

Governor Granholm announces transportation economic development investments
to support more than 2,000 jobs Mar 24, 2005

     March 24, 2005 - - Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm today announced that more
than 2,000 jobs will be created or retained in Michigan as the result of
$6,451,751 in state-funded transportation investments that will leverage
more than $523 million in private sector development.

 The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is partnering with local
governments and other state agencies to provide a total of $29,430,478 in
transportation-related investments for targeted road projects that will
support Michigan jobs and fuel economic growth.

 "These projects will put people to work this year and support good-paying
jobs with important road projects in Michigan communities," Granholm said.
"We are pleased to partner with local governments and industry to invest
state transportation dollars where they will create jobs today and grow
Michigan's economy."

 Funded with Transportation Economic Development Fund (TEDF) grants, the
improvements include resurfacing, reconstruction, widening, road alignment
and other upgrades considered crucial to economic development. The TEDF was
enacted by the Michigan Legislature in 1987 to assist in the funding of
highway, road, and street projects necessary to support economic growth. The
Category A or "Target Industries Program" is specifically aimed at making
transportation improvements to encourage private investments in Michigan
that create or retain jobs.

 MDOT collaborated with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)
to select transportation improvement projects in six counties: Huron, Ionia,
Kalamazoo Oakland, Otsego, and Washtenaw. These projects combined will
result in 2,115 jobs.

 "Transportation moves the economy and improves quality of life," said State
Transportation Director Gloria J. Jeff. "MDOT is proud to partner with
private industry and state and local agencies to invest in strategic road
improvements that will grow Michigan's economy today and, ultimately,
benefit businesses and motorists for years to come."

 The TEDF will fund $6,451,751 of the $29,430,478 in work. State and local
matches will total $22,978,727 (78 percent) of the transportation project

 "For every state transportation dollar spent on these public road
improvements, the private sector is investing $81. The TEDF is clearly one
of our most effective tools for growing Michigan's economy," said Jeff.


 Ionia County

 The Ionia County Road Commission will upgrade Portland Road to support the
expansion of Herbruck Poultry Ranch, Inc. Herbruck's Portland Road facility
is an integrated egg-laying operation. Shipments of incoming feed and
outgoing products must use Portland Road to access the facility, which is
beyond its normal service life and currently subject to seasonal weight
restrictions. The project will include crushing and shaping, bituminous
surfacing, and new aggregate road shoulders, which will allow for the
elimination of seasonal weight restrictions. Herbruck Poultry Ranch is
investing $25,000,000 to expand its poultry production facilities, which
will create 50 new jobs by 2007. The cost of the project is $552,000,
including $380,000 in TEDF Category A funds, $132,000 from the Ionia County
Road Commission, and $40,000 from Herbruck Poultry Ranch, Inc.


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