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E-M:/ Correction on Oklahoma AG Notice of Intent against Poultry Integrators

Folks:  Correction on my post regarding the filing of a notice of intent to sue by the Attorney General of Oklahoma against Poultry Integrators (note: poultry integrators is a term used for companies that may contract with growers to grow the chickens for them, which has led to the individual growers being subjected to all the costs and problems of running the CAFO while the company tries maintain an arms length distance from the facilities). 


The statute the OK Attorney General Drew Edmondson has filed notice on is the federal Solid Waste Disposal Act and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, but the environmental impact has been water pollution caused by chicken litter used as fertilizer in the Illinois River Watershed, as documented in a study conducted by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.  Disposal of wastes from CAFOs is commonly through application of the wastes to fields.  The companies targeted included Tyson Chicken, Cargill Turkey Production, Willow Brook Foods, Aviagen, and Cal-Maine Farms, all of which have facilities in the Illinois River Watershed.


In Michigan, the focus on CAFOs has been primarily on dairy facilities, many of which have caused documented water pollution and which can be prosecuted under the Clean Water Act, but there are many other types of CAFOs in Michigan, including turkeys, chickens, hogs and lambs. 


Currently, Herbruck Poultry Ranch and another Herbruck facility called the Hennery, are not under permits, but have received approval under the voluntary compliance program called Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) administered by the MDA.  However, it is quite likely they will be required to obtain a permit under the General NPDES Permit for New, Large CAFOs, which requires a CAFO with 82,000 laying hens which uses other than a liquid manure handling system to apply for a permit 180 days prior to populating the facility.  At this time, it is not clear if a permit has been applied for.


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