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Re: E-M:/ Environmental Bullying and Mobbing

Gee Brian, I thought I was the only PEER minded member during the President Reagan & James Watt years.  I passed on PEER membership info to many of my USFW coworkers and friends in MDNR and MDEQ during the corruption of the John Engler administration.  During that time I was fighting both Feds and corruption at home on White Lake with Ellenwood Landing Marina.  Coming soon is a test to see if the present administrations (CORPS & DEQ) has the moral fortitude to correct past bad permitting.  The worst anti environmental dredging permit in history of White Lake is coming up for another 10-year renewal.  I say that the present CORPS and DEQ is not obligated to repeat the corruption of the past by reissuing a permit that never should have been issue to start 1989 to present.  Care to take bets?  We've asked for a public hearing.  File Number:  92-048-010-2